Consumerism has greatly affected the fashion industry. Branded clothing defines our social and economic position. In ancient times, fabrics and clothing were also symbols of power and wealth. Today, advertisements greatly influence the marketing system. They indulge us with grand advertisements which include high-profile personalities as users.


However, in what aspects do we perceive the use of fashion to display our economic state? Let us all think about how the power of clothing, apparel, and accessories can change our perspective of one’s personality.


  • Use of branded clothing lines


Because the usage of luxury brands gives an appealing status in the community, often people will buy more brands than they need. Branded clothing makes us a part of high profiled personalities. We like the limelight offered by many eyes and the respect from their perspective. Owning branded clothing lines makes us appear illustrious and envied by many. However, it is right for us to choose the right brand in our usage. Not all brands come at a great cost if you are savvy. By using Kohl’s promo codes you might find some luxury clothing to be a little less expensive than initially feared.


Since the net worth of branded clothing increased, there are also new brands popping up everywhere. Branded clothing lines worked best when they are compatible with our bodies. Our body shape should be proportional to our clothes, regardless of the brand. As more branded clothing lines appear, the competition in the market is high. That is why they make clothes that are more useful than clothes for the limelight.


  • Huge wardrobe set


Some people may not use branded clothing lines, but we can check different fashion styles in their daily outfits. This shows that they have a huge wardrobe set. Some people prefer unbranded stuff, but a lot of options to choose from. The wise decision to make is buying more clothes than just the price of one branded piece of cloth.


In locations where four seasons occur, we ought to prepare our outfits according to the weather. We often find our schoolmates, buddies, and co-workers with different fashion styles during a different season. This shows how much money they spend on their apparel.


  • Complemented with accessories


According to a known fashion magazine, rich people never have plain outfits. We can attest to this through televisions and candid photos taken from the news. They always have accessories to complement their style. The use of pieces of jewelry dates from centuries ago when gold was the standard for identifying a rich family from common people.


However, nowadays, pieces of jewelry are not just the considered accessory. We use gloves, suspenders, eye wears, sashes, shawls, lanyards, socks, wallets, handbags, piercings, jackets, and footwear. Footwears and bags are the best-known accessories for elite people. But, without even us common people noticing, even their piercings can justify their social status.


  • Iconic trendsetters


Elite people can disguise their profile, but we can always detect them through their fashion styles. Often, they have fashion statements that may look weird in our eyes, where they wanted to show iconic fashion styles.


People from the first-class community always wanted to be unique. They would follow the new trend, and so make themselves an icon of fashion sense. They wanted to be the first trendsetter of these clothes or apparel. Primarily, the reason why they look unique is that they are the work of top designers. These designers made unique outfits exclusive to them.




With Google, we can easily find an elite community. However, they still walk through us, hiding their prominent status. We can determine different economic statuses through their branded clothing lines, huge wardrobe sets, complemented accessories, and even their iconic fashion trends in our eagle eyes.