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A little wild, curious about everything, passionate about art, sports fanatic, aspiring globe trotter, full-time volunteer, communicator during the week, and blogger on weekends. No one told me that the days only lasted 24 hours. I live as if they were 48 hours. My dream is to go around the world. After going back and forth to the end of the world, I have only one desire is to travel through a lot of countries, discover different cultures, take the time to live differently.

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1312, 2020

How to Wear an Oversized T-Shirt

By |December 13, 2020|Categories: BLOG, Fashion and Lifestyle|0 Comments

When it comes to oversized t-shirts, most of us just throw them away, store them in our wardrobes, or use them as our bedtime attires, and there’s nothing wrong with it. After all, oversized shirts are unrestricted, breezy, and comfy. But you should know that there are some fashion styles you can try with your huge tees. On the other hand, considering that oversized shirts feature loose silhouettes, we may have a hard time styling them. This is the most common reason we just wear them during bedtime. But things have now changed. There are numerous strategies we can do [...]

2811, 2020

How to Look Stylish, the Plus-Size Way

By |November 28, 2020|Categories: BLOG, Fashion and Lifestyle|0 Comments

Different skin colors are natural, as are different body sizes, and this concept also applies to fashion. Through fashion you can find good stuff for you to wear, whether you're small, big or just fit. It is for everyone to explore and learn. When I was younger, I was so insecure about myself because I was too thin and small, but as I grow up, I see people of different sizes from me. I think each one of us is unique and beautifully molded. Some people say that it is hard to look and find clothes when you are too [...]

811, 2020

Adding a Positive Feel Into Your Home Décor

By |November 8, 2020|Categories: BLOG, House Advice|0 Comments

The way you decorate your home can have a huge impact on your mood and daily life. If your home is in disarray or looks old, it can be depressing to come home. However, if you have a home that is nice to look at and is well maintained, it can improve your mood and self-esteem. Having excellent lighting throughout your home can help ensure a certain vibrancy. Visiting an array of lighting stores in the Bay Area might provide you with some inspiration in this area. One way to improve your home is to add personal touches to your [...]

2710, 2020

Recommended Exercises for People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

By |October 27, 2020|Categories: BLOG, Fashion and Lifestyle|0 Comments

Some people with rheumatoid arthritis experience too much joint stiffness, and exercise may not be comfortable. But I am still amazed by how my grandparents exercise despite painful joints. A lot of people think that exercise might not be necessary, but medical experts say that any workout routine can be beneficial for relieving joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Obviously this is not the only option. For instance, I've heard that many people use CBD oil to massage their joints, as it can significantly reduce pain and inflammation. If it is legal in your current area, click here to find out [...]

1010, 2020

How Does Fashion-Sense Show Your Economic Status?

By |October 10, 2020|Categories: BLOG, Fashion and Lifestyle|0 Comments

Consumerism has greatly affected the fashion industry. Branded clothing defines our social and economic position. In ancient times, fabrics and clothing were also symbols of power and wealth. Today, advertisements greatly influence the marketing system. They indulge us with grand advertisements which include high-profile personalities as users.   However, in what aspects do we perceive the use of fashion to display our economic state? Let us all think about how the power of clothing, apparel, and accessories can change our perspective of one's personality.   Use of branded clothing lines   Because the usage of luxury brands gives an appealing [...]

1709, 2020

How To Boost Your Retirement Savings

By |September 17, 2020|Categories: BLOG, Financial Advice|0 Comments

No matter what gender or age you are, it is crucial to start saving for your retirement. Some are asking how to boost their retirement savings. Are you one of them? We have got your back. Anytime is always the right time to start managing your retirement savings. Life insurance is also something you should be thinking about if you're reaching retirement age, especially if you haven't thought about it before. If you currently do not have plans to start saving, we recommend that you start now to benefit in the future. If you are mature in years and so [...]


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