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A little wild, curious about everything, passionate about art, sports fanatic, aspiring globe trotter, full-time volunteer, communicator during the week, and blogger on weekends. No one told me that the days only lasted 24 hours. I live as if they were 48 hours. My dream is to go around the world. After going back and forth to the end of the world, I have only one desire is to travel through a lot of countries, discover different cultures, take the time to live differently.

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2605, 2021

Keto-Friendly Drinks You Should Not Miss

By |May 26, 2021|Categories: BLOG, Fashion and Lifestyle|0 Comments

You’re probably wondering what keto-friendly drinks you should try. Worry no more! In this list, you will know them all. Without further ado, let’s get started!  Green or Black Tea  Tea hits our number one spot for a reason. Aside from having a low carbohydrate content, tea can be enjoyed hot or iced. I prefer a hot cup of tea every morning and during a long cold season. I also love to make it cold to beat the extreme heat during summer.  Tea comes in different types, including black, white, and green. When I crave a drink with intense flavor, [...]

1505, 2021

Do You Strictly Follow Your Gym Routines?

By |May 15, 2021|Categories: BLOG, Fashion and Lifestyle|0 Comments

There are many reasons why people go to the gym, but the fitness goals you set for yourself are probably the biggest factor in determining whether you stick to your routine. Whether you want to get stronger, lose weight, or compete in a bodybuilding show, knowing what you want to achieve with your workouts will help you stay motivated as you work out. Once you have some goals in mind, it's time to come up with a plan to achieve them. Surely you are aware that you should be working out if you want to have a healthy body. However, [...]

605, 2021

Get Ready for Summer – Make Some Changes to Your Home

By |May 6, 2021|Categories: BLOG, House Advice|0 Comments

We all love the summer, and with the hot weather around the corner, you may be looking forward to relaxing days and fun nights. But before you jump into the pool or turn on the grill, make sure your home is ready for the summer. We hope you have your bathing suit and sunscreen handy, and that those of you lucky enough to have air conditioning have already called someone like T.E. Spall & Son (thecomfortdoctors.com/hawley-hvac-services/) out to do a tune-up and service of your unit, because summer is almost here. When you get a service done for your air [...]

2904, 2021

Different Fashion Styles

By |April 29, 2021|Categories: BLOG, Fashion and Lifestyle|0 Comments

=The fashion industry has been changing over the years to conform to the needs of the masses. This is primarily because the world has grown smaller, and now the entire world can be connected by a few clicks. People now demand things to be fast and easy, and the fashion industry has responded by adopting a new "fast fashion" approach. Fast fashion dictates that the fashion industry should produce new trends faster to keep up with the changing demands of the market. Fashion is a form of expression, and people choose to express themselves in a variety of ways. With [...]

1304, 2021

How to Dress According to Your Body Shape?

By |April 13, 2021|Categories: BLOG, Fashion and Lifestyle|0 Comments

Some of us may have experienced walking inside a clothes store, and one particular outfit caught our attention. I had the same experience-that scenario where I can't take my eyes off that outfit. Looking at the outfit, multiple thoughts crossed my mind, such as where should I wear it, how should I style it, and what shoes should I match with it? It took me a while to wonder and fantasize myself wearing that outfit.   Then this question brought me back into reality. Will it fit me? Obtaining an answer to this requires me to wear the outfit personally. [...]

3103, 2021

Private Equity

By |March 31, 2021|Categories: BLOG, Financial Advice|0 Comments

Private equity is a form of financing that is used by companies to raise money for investments, acquisitions, mergers, and other transactions. Private equity is often used by companies that are unable to secure financing through more traditional means, such as from a bank or an investment firm. Investing in private equity has become a popular way for high-net-worth individuals to make money. Private equity funds are groups of investors who pool their money to invest in various companies. When you invest in a private equity fund, you are typically investing in a company that is already established and has [...]


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