When it comes to oversized t-shirts, most of us just throw them away, store them in our wardrobes, or use them as our bedtime attires, and there’s nothing wrong with it. After all, oversized shirts are unrestricted, breezy, and comfy. But you should know that there are some fashion styles you can try with your huge tees.

On the other hand, considering that oversized shirts feature loose silhouettes, we may have a hard time styling them. This is the most common reason we just wear them during bedtime. But things have now changed. There are numerous strategies we can do to wear this snuggly shirt to have a street-style fashion. No one knows that this outfit can make us look and feel better.

Are you interested in starting to wear all the baggy clothes stocked in your dresser? If yes, the first thing you should know is the steps on how to style it. I am here to help you style your oversized tees to have a street-style look. Most of the cool girls on Instagram usually post pictures of themselves wearing huge t-shirts. All you need is creativity and the know how to wear different shirts – and you are good to go!

Allow me to show you some tips on how to wear big t-shirts to look fantastic and fashionable.

Wear it as a Dress

This is the simplest way of using your big t-shirts. All you need to do is to wear them as if you are wearing a dress. You can also add some accessories to achieve a cool look. On the other hand, if you want to keep your casual street vibe, you can pair it with chunky sneakers.

Let it Hang Loose

If you want to achieve a fuss-free look, do not mind your loose t-shirt hanging. Its baggy silhouette will make you look more fashionable and cooler. You can keep it casual by wearing a bag, especially when you think of having a more polished look.

Add a Blazer

Who can say that a baggy t-shirt can be worn as office attire? All you need to do is to top it with a blazer. On the other hand, if you don’t want to hide the loose aesthetic vibe of oversized shirts, you can pair them with boxy blazers.

Pair it with Bike Shorts

Are you envious of those girls wearing bike shorts? Do you also want to achieve an athletic look? If so, then grab your oversized tees and bike shorts. You won’t be afraid anymore about showing a camel toe or your big tummies with this pair. Let your big shirt take care of everything. You only need two items to look more sporty; a baggy shirt and a pair of bike shorts.

Roll up the Sleeves

In most cases, you can see a huge difference by doing simple tricks. You don’t want to look as if you are wearing a plain oversized shirt. To avoid this, you can roll up its sleeves, pair it with shorts and sneakers. Do not forget to wear your favorite bag and other accessories. You can also layer it with a sleeveless trench to achieve a nudge look.

Pair it with a Mini Skirt

No one will ever forget pairing a mini skirt with most outfits. One of the good things about mini skirts is that they look good in every style. This means that you can beautifully pair it with oversized tees. To keep its silhouette, I recommend you to pair it with untuck or tuck huge t-shirts.

Tuck Halfway

Are you still struggling to style your loose t-shirt that complements your body shape? Well, you may try tucking it halfway. This style will look way better if you pair it with your favorite track pants.

Layer Under a Tulle Dress

Do you have a sweet-looking oversized tee stocked in your wardrobe? If so, it’s time to wear them again. Complement the feminine and dainty vibe of your big shirts by layering them with a tulle dress that comes with aesthetic designs. This will make you look even cuter!


Are you now ready to show your style of big t-shirts? I hope the tips I have mentioned helped you find a good fashion style with your oversized tees.