Some of us may have experienced walking inside a clothes store, and one particular outfit caught our attention. I had the same experience-that scenario where I can’t take my eyes off that outfit. Looking at the outfit, multiple thoughts crossed my mind, such as where should I wear it, how should I style it, and what shoes should I match with it? It took me a while to wonder and fantasize myself wearing that outfit.


Then this question brought me back into reality. Will it fit me? Obtaining an answer to this requires me to wear the outfit personally. What if we don’t have the luxury of time to wear the outfits one by one? How will we know if they perfectly fit us? This is where the concept of body shape will apply.

Knowing Our Body Shape

Varieties of clothing are readily accessible in various stores, boutiques, malls, and even online. Starting from pants, shirts, jeans, jackets to dresses and gowns, the list is endless. But not all of them are applicable for everyone to wear. Acquiring an adequate understanding of our body silhouette will help us identify the right cuts and clothing styles that will work best for us.


Determining Our Body Shape Using Measurements

A better understanding of our body shape starts from simple things like knowing our vitals. Memorizing our body measurements is also a key factor in ensuring perfectly matched outfits for us. To determine what kind of body shape we have, we should consider measuring our shoulders, bust, waist, and hips.


Dress According to Our Body Silhouette

Identifying our body structure is one of the primary steps in discovering the perfect outfit for us. Style is not about pursuing the most popular outfits but about emphasizing the best outlines on our bodies. Flattering our body structure can heighten the look of any clothing.


Here is the list of some of the familiar body types. We can use our body measurements and attempt to identify which type matches the measurement we have.

Apple-Shaped Body

Visualize a picture of an apple. We are under this category if our upper body measurement is heavier than our bottom body part, just like an apple, clearly wide at the upper portion and smaller at the lower end.

How should I dress if I have this kind of body silhouette?

It is noticeable that most people with this kind of body shape are concentrated at the upper portion of the body. If our body is similar to this type, we should follow covering this part of our body. Highlighting the lower fraction of our body is one solution. Wearing clothes with V-shaped necklines is advisable for this type. Printed dresses and patterned jackets can also be an option. Just avoid wearing tight-fitting attire.


Hourglass-Shaped Body

We might belong to this type if our body’s upper portion is proportionate to the bottom part. Just like how an hourglass looks, the top and bottom fractions of our body are balanced. It is considered one of the perfect body silhouettes.


How should I dress if I belong to this body type?

This is one of the extensively desired body figures among women. Not everyone is gifted with it, so if we possess a body similar to this, we should make the most out of it. Dresses that go along with our body angles are ideal. Wearing attires with V-shaped necklines is helpful to emphasize the upper torso. Tight-fitting dresses are a must-try too.

This type can wear any clothing. Gifted, isn’t it? Just avoid wearing loose shirts and pants. What’s the sense of having a perfect body structure like this if we won’t show it off?

Pear-Shaped Body

If we belong to this type, our weight’s maximum quantity is concentrated on the lower fraction of our body. Contrary to what an apple-shaped body looks like. Our butt and thighs are larger than our upper body.


How should I dress if I have the same body?

Possessing this kind of body silhouette is advantageous. Copying the hourglass figure is not impossible, we just need to create and apply correct styling. Wide-legged bottom clothing looks great with this body type. Pattern-styled skirts and dresses from brands like Bailey 44 are must-try outfits too. Ruffled tops can highly emphasize the upper torso.

Wearing figure-fitting clothes is not advisable. This will compromise the look.


Rectangular-Shaped Body

Just like a rectangle, this body type shows a well-proportionate upper and lower body fraction. This is considered one of the unfortunate body silhouettes because there is not much to define.


How should I dress if I belong to this body type?

If we belong to this category, our arms and legs serve as our best assets. We should focus on flaunting them. We should wear clothing that adds more definition to our necklines and bottom. Strapless clothes are ideal items to try too. But we should avoid wearing overarching outfits. They don’t surely provide a great look.

Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

This type portrays an athletic image. If we possess a similar body like this, our shoulders are observably more vast compared to our hips.


How should I dress if I possess a similar body?

Emphasizing our hips is our primary focus. Wearing straightly cut pants and inverted V-styled dresses will surely look great. However, it limits patterns, ruffles, and layers to our lower body fractions.



Learning how to dress according to our body silhouette will surely save us from shopping nightmares. This will save us time, effort, and money if we know what clothes suit our body shape. Dressing well will not be a challenging task but an enjoyable thing to do.