Vigilant Liberty Radio exists since April 2012. I created this blog to share my crushes with the ambition to encourage my readers to embrace a culture that is dear to me.

Through different sections, I talk about my discoveries: travels, heritage, museums, music, books, gastronomy… I also give importance to highlight projects and personalities through written interviews.

I deeply believe that social media is a way to spread the culture and the taste of travel and to bring people together. Also, the values of Vigilant Liberty Radio are openness, sharing, dialogue and most of all the democratization of culture.

If we had to define “culture“, we could find in the dictionary :

1. To be interested in (sth.), to be curious

2. Cultivate one’s spirit, enrich oneself, learn

3. By ext. culture and you: sharing, exchanging, meeting

Who is hiding behind the screen?

My name is Selena Vigilant, a young thirty-year-old and old blogger! I’m a Digital Manager but what I’m passionate about is Culture in the most general sense: I love discovering our heritage and its history, I’m a real cultural bulimic!

But Vigilant Liberty Radio is also here because of the quality of its internet users. I always enjoy exchanging with other enthusiasts.